I Know There’s Something Wrong

Written 24 hours ago:

There’s at least two sides of you.  There is the side I am blindly drawn to, even though I couldn’t tell you why.  Let’s call that side A.   There is the side I would love to kill, side Z. I believe both sides would love it if I could kill Z without harming A. Maybe not. 

But I know there is a beautiful, completely broken side of you and I know you are so troubled and conflicted and I wish I could just swoop in and save you. 

But I think the evil within would kill me first and I know the good you couldn’t live with that. 



  1. What an interesting dichotomy, the paradox of people is difficult. For all the good, there is the horror. If we as a species could figure this one out honestly the world would be a happier place. I think you are looking in the right direction.

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    • Thank ypu. I know plenty of people with damaging baggage.


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