kicking butt

The wise Buddha advised:

Always try to be in communion with heavenits truw and earth, then the world will appear in its true light.  Self-conceit will vanish, and you can blend with any attack.

In Timing as a strategy, Miyatomo Musashi, teaches pupils to establish these principes:

1)  Do not think dishonestly..
2)  The Way is in training.
3)  Become acquainted with every art.
4)  Know the Ways of all professions.
5)  Distinguish between gain and loss in worldly matters.
6)  Develop intuitive judgment and understanding for everything.
7)  Perceivethose things which camnot be seen.
8)  Pay attention even to trifles.
9)  Do nothing which is of no usethan
Dude, love that last one.  I meam, no comment.

I could tell you why I’m giving all these variations and why choose the ones I have chosen to throw on a page and call it a blog, but I would be thinking dishpnestly aloud and noone wins when we fib.  That said, I’d like to end with select verses in Tao Te Ching.fruit
Verse 44
One’s own reputation–why the fuss?
One’s own wealth–why the concern?
I say what you gain is more trouble than what you lose

Love is the fruit of sacrifice
Wealth is the fruit of grnerosity

Be content,
     rest in your own fullness–
You will not suffer from loss
You’ll avoid the snare of this world
You’ll have long life and emdless blessings.

(excuse me, when do I get these bessings, sorry)

Verse 47 –
Without going outside
      one can know the whole world
Without looking out the window
       one can see the ways of Heaven
The farther one goes
       the less one knows

I could type this stuff all day..

Or you could feel free to consult tje following books: