Dragging, Forcing, Regurgitating

It’s no easier today.  I hade to quit at three yesterday when I was going to try for 5.  Today is just, well, it’s just,  People are very sad when I stand up for myself.  One sad, others mad. If only they knew how I REALLY feel. 

On with the show.  I hafta say something nice about me. It’s hard cause I’m the only one who ever does. Unless..

1.  Mmm, you look tasty. 

Nah, let’s not and say we did not.

1.  Well, there ya go.  For lack of a better (I can’t through even this without tears) self-compliment, I know how to keep the mystery going,  I’m not sure it counts though.  I’m fucking trying.

2.  Oh gawd no.  See, I really can keep a secret.  a) What I wanted to say. b) How I know.

2.  I guess I’m stuck on two. I have to be able to think of one nice thing to  say about myself. Nope.  Why did it have to happen? Why did I have to get stuck here this long? There’s no going back to who and what I was. The me they fucking bludgeoned.  Oh sure. Say it online so that bitch can make a pretty meme about me. Well, fuck!

2.  That bitch is making me famous.  Not in the same way I used to be.  But I’ll take it.  Ride it, cunt!

(I don’t think I’m gonna count that either.)

As a parting gift (That ho will have me broke again in minutes the way she parts her legs) I’ll leave you with this:

Sugars and red hot cinnamon
and everything other girls isn’d
that’s what this honey is made of.

Pour yourself some ginzznaspritzah
Loosen the bottle capzznmezemistah
Pour me some bubblzzyizipza
I think I’m ready to kizzzya


That was hard to watch.


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