Pump Me After Skating In On Fumes

Yeah, late again, like finally reaching the next gas station on the turnpike but the needle’s been on ‘E’ for what felt like ‘e’ternity. 

But what have I got to be happy about today?  Well, I have a full tank of gas. Hush ya mouth, self.  Now get serious.  What’s got your bubbles peaking?  Aother night off AND tomorrow too.  Nooo, do better.

Honesty.   I don’t want to get into details, but I recently dumped a load on someone that probably can be said to be my best friend in a way.  Didn’t plan it like that. We just really can tell each other everything.  And…we share a last name.  My son, okay?   I tried parenting that kid, but we are great friends and I couldn’t be without him.

Speaking of which, he’ll be home at 5:00 and I need a bath before then. Gonna go soak till my fingers pucker. 

And then I forgot about it. One bath, a shower, eight hours of sleep, a flysaster and a hamburger kater… I’m now 35.5 hours late posting my dailu self-pump. This makes me 11.5 hours late, so far, posting todays. My mood’s pretty chill, so I won’t rush, but if I don’t get to it tonight, I’ll give myself two compliments tomorrow. Or three Tuesday. I’m a collector of things procrastinated. If you ever need to turn in some late work, rummage through my boxes of styff that just ran to late to bother. There comes a point you can’t say you care and expect to be believed.


I often wonder, when looking at this pic, what was that to my right? A cup? Phone?


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