13 Reasons & 13 Ways

(written several nights ago, held off on posting)

I didn’t have anything good but the roof over my head and healthy family last time I tried to list 13 reasons I was happy. This time I will be adding 13 ways I can stay happy.

I am happy because:

1. My dog is the best.
2. My dog is happy.
3. My son is almost through his first year of college and still liking it.
4. I don’t harbor jealousy, pride, greed, hate, lust nor ill-will.
5. I have some great friends and one of them even lives nearby.
6. My daughter is wealthy enough to keep my son and I from devastation should we need help.
7. I would never ask her to do that unless I was homeless in wintertime.
8. My dad will be 83 soon and still healthier and more agile than most 20 year olds.
9. My mom is 76 and can still stand up and press her hands to the floor.
10. I am smart enough to stay away from dangerous people and places and have raised my kids to do the same.
11. Jesus is in my heart and my son’s.
12. My sister and I already have an agreement that will keep the peace when our parents do pass on.
13. I know my loved ones are all in or going to Heaven.

How I can stay happy:

1. Find a good book to read when bored so as not to spend to much time surfing social networks online.

2. Ignore gossip. Both those who spread it and those who believe it are unhappy.

3. Reach out to unhappy people and give them advice on becoming happy.

4. Help children at all costs.

5. Drink more water and eat less greasy foods and sodium. Eat more fresh veggies and fruits.

6. Let go of revenge ideas. When people do you wrong they want your negative attention.

7. Discuss Bible verses with family since church is no longer an option.

8. Get paperwork caught up. Keep caught up.

9. Take walks with dog more.

10. Keep believing in good people.

11. Subscribe to more senior women’s blogs.

12. Appreciate silver linings and forget darkness.

13. Meet bullies with a smile and a coded bit of unsolicited advice for their happiness. It’s the only way to stop them from bullying.

I have done most of those things most of my life, but recently let chemical changes (Rx & Alcohol) occur which rendered me more vengeful instead.



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