Once upon a time there was an ordinary girl who happened to have an absessed tooth which made eating painful. She hadn’t the money to have it pulled and asked if the townspeople might help.

They did not say a word nor donate a pennu. The ordinary girl got a second job and a third job and was working so much she never had time to sleep or take care of her other teeth.

Once she had saved 90% of the what she needed to pull the tooth, the townspeople sent their representatives to her night job to invite her for dinner.  She told them she did not need have time nor could she eat. So they left her again.

Until they started going to her day job, then her evening job, her seasonal job. “Eat the pie, eat the caserole, eat the cookie, take the candy, chocolate ice cream is what you need.”  

“Please, stop,” she begged, but they were certain they knew what the poor, obviously clueless girl needed and they never left her aline. She list her jobs because of them and still has that absessed tooth, 90% of the funds to have it pulled.

And the town continues to follow her with boxes of food offerings to every job interview, many times posing as the interviewers, bystanders, tourists…

I hope you see where I’m going with this.


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