Fool’s Gold 

Do You Have Anyone You Wish Would Go Away?But then, when they do, you get bored, so you kind of wish they’d come back. But when they do, you think they’re trash and even trashier each time they try to worm their way back in, so you run them off only to remember that worm was the only thing that kept you going when you were bored and now you’re bored. So you lure them back, then run them off… 

Some might say it’s retaliation…sort of.  Or maybe it’s just possible to be THAT bored.  Sure, that’s part of it. One thingis definate. He’ll never know where I’m moving to. Ha, what do I look like? Fool’s
Gold?  Gold, sure. But no fools allowed.

You’re just into trouble making and there isn’t one part of you that is remotely sorry. 


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