Unsolicited Advice

He was jaded by Southern Comfort.

She was simply mad at her corë.

Shingles fall upon quick sand castles.

His was the swollen appendectomy.

Her word was its clogged artery.

Iron-rich blood for the man in the full moon.

He suppined below sea level mostly.

She gleamed a bit apprehensive of squaller.

Burning tides adrift shared infestation.

His talent revealed radiant infant mortality.

Her gift was a puss-encrusted eyelash in red.

Faberge egg created with warm fuzzy love.

He presents with opined futures matter-of-factly.

She foregoes her initial precedence.

Memories replinished by that best forgot.

Adrift cumulous imploding retraction.

Famine-kissed lipid donation spent frivilous.

Carnivorous survival rich in vegetation.

Polar vapors melt in real time plasticity.

Porous tin man emotes in calloused thick skin.

Avast in reciprocal love for isolated affectiom

My breath I held for return on investment.

April reared ugliness stenched by the mold of rains.

May reflection reign over poisonous transgression.

Duality of ignorance in lioness pride displayed.

Inherent to your abhorant repercussed travesty.

Make a full bed for to lie in fortuitous grandeur.

One and one will one day divide to make two.

Once a fraction of you fractured won’t be manufactured.

Hopeful for displacement, treasure buried the dead pirate.

No map was drawn to your front lawn.

The will read kill the grass, keep the weed.


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