Leave It All Behind

Go on, Topeka, keep sucking.  Go ahead, get your fill.  Stuff your face and choke on the energy you waste. I can’t leave to soon. This town is a cesspool of hatred, animosity, liars, plastic service, all in the name of Mr Jones and schizophrenia. 

But this is my party and I’ll only cry if I want to.

You may cry too. You may not. You don’t need nor have my permission. Get out what makes you sick.  It’s more a foretelling of future astonishing revelations divulged by you.

April, it’s slow, little hoe for a gardener. It can go to hell, taking pricks with you. Just a few days till May. Churning out living nightmares most aren’t imaginative enough to dream.  Your worst nightmare can never hold a candle to to my dream. I have a soul and a heart, such a ruthless combination

I won’t miss you. Just to diss you? Wouldn’t kiss you. Keep your distance. Not even for a sneeze, would I bless you.

I will say it one more time before I go. Not bottling much up. 

May all your blessings have truth. May your future be bright, like the light of a picture.

Have a nice day. I plan to next month. 

B-bye to you, April, 2017.


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