Hunter, Gardener, Gather Me

I know you’re an avid hunter of prey

So won’t you provide me a new laugh today

Find for me a new smile if you may

I’ll feed you as many as you will okay

From your garden, replenish all you like

Mine was lost in the forest down by the dyke

If you’ll bring me a new one in a plastic bowl

I’ll peel it and boil it and serve it Creole

Let’s add a touch of salmon or talapia

Have all your friends over to laugh with us

Before I ever could even lend you my trust

You made me to cook and to dine from your lust

You sickened me, it quickened you

You made me your fool

My smile, it was yours, it made you feel bigger

Come on back, bring your gun, this time pull the trigger

Your forest of evil gave me no choice

Deprived of sunlight you’ve dried up my voice

You demanded next time I  serve your goods moist

My skin, much to thin, stopped by their voice

A frightened little girl does not stand a chance 

Against all the rows and columns of plants

Would if I could, but I can no longer dance

Kill me swiftly, cut my throat with your lance

I’ll die by your hand if a smile you can’t provide

I haven’t my own, you took it for pride

Go out to the garden with me tonight

And please won’t you cut my root, taking my life.

I have always told you I would die for you

I never knew how much I would cry for you

If you do not wish to know of my tears

Then don’t read about them, get on out of here.

There’s one other choice if you want my silence

But it, my dear, requires deadly violence

I don’t mind, it’s just fine with me if you do

Please kill me quickly, dear, cause I still love you


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