Hey, Hey! Happy Weed Day!

That’s right. It’s weed day.  I think the banks are closed and don’t bother to check your mail.  But so get started mixing up a batch of that ol’ elixir.  Oh, you thought I meant 420 weed.  No, that’s still week’s off, but it is all encompassed.  That is, today we celebrate dandelions and doobage.  Tomorrow we burn one, poison the other. Don’t get them mixed up though.  Drinking the elixer you make today could cause you to pour dandelions in your bong and more elixer on your Girl Scout Cookie. 

That reminds me of a couple of things:

1. If you’ve been reading, you know I have anywhere from one to five cyber stalkers. Help me weed those out by calling out either am a stalker or am not a stalker in the comments here.

2. If you are the stalker who owes me still from the time he said he got ripped off four years ago come May, it was that year it stayed cold till June ands Lil Wayne OD’d twice in  days.  Anyway, he said, “He was out in the weeds on” that too. See, I already knew he was lying, so I actually looked out in the weeds to see what he was smoking.  Cause he was the stalking kind from the get-go. Didn’t expect him to bring in a psychotic girlfriend and some buddies too.  Definitely didn’t see each one having 50 to 500 fake names for social media or for the one, the girl, to be “raising funds for a needy child” in half of them.  Bless her heart.

So, have a great day playing at the park with the weeds.  Don’t forget the elixer.  And make sure the charity is legit before you donate…and don’t drink the elixir.


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