Look At The Time

Seems it’s half-past my  beg time. And with the Moon surrounding heranus, that aligns with the witch’s bitchin hour.

I will not ask you a damned thing. You either stop what you started or you don’t.

We, erm, I have been controlling your puppets for you for months. I wouldn’t bother but it’s my stage they wish to burn and my tiny actors they wish to eat.

It was comic relief to watch them fly off my Instagram earlier like flies from a turd when the bomb goes off. Some of them may need a broom repair referral or a new broom. Others, new undies.

I didn’t swat any rear ends this time. But I did firmly order a few to go fuck themselves. I think that cheered them up till I added, “Alone!”

Oh, btw, you might want stir the pot.  The eye of stewp are sticking to each other and the bottom of the pan.



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