How to Tell If It’s a True Angel or a Fake

All kinds of women, and some men, will tell you they are angels.  Mostly they’re trying to get in your pants (or your bank account).  Those are fakes.

An authentic angel shows a symptom or two from time-to-time.

Angels float around like a breath of fresh air. graceful and demure. They may seem outgoing and bashful at the same time because of their modesty. Never mess with an angel’s modesty.  May lightning strike you if you rob her of a single feather of the wings that cover and protect him/her.

Does he/she get offended easily and forgive repeatedly?  That’s a real one.  Betcha his/her heart could melt the solar ice caps. But if you know the answer to that, you’re on your way someplace warmer, most likely.  And that angel you hurt doesn’t even want that for you.





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