ROUGH Draft of Letter to Govt Entity

Dear Shithead or Moron:

I am in receipt of your email threatenening to terminate my license due to:

a) my failure to answer the door to my home during my off hours, which happen to be the only 8 hours you do work, not including weekends when I still work 16 hours per day and you do not;

b) my failure to respond to your sloppily written e-mail in less than one week of your sending it (such email noting you will be going on vacation assumed I do not vacation);

c) your anonymous receipt of alleged information which I “have a right” to dispute.

I will, with a little help from a crack pipe, he wide awake and ready to meet with you 24/7 for the rest of my life. I also intend to file my renewal application this year promptly. Would you like me to fudge the date on that so you don’t look bad coming to inspect prior to said application?

Fuck off and you know where to stick your gossip and games.

Very infuriated,




  1. I just got to read this properly LOL … Love this response!!! 😉 And I’m guessing said Govt entity did not respond in a cordial manner, but enjoyed their vacation 🙂

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