Updated: Unroyal Nonprincess Requests A Joust for Thine Hand

I have felt the strangest of sentiment toward the unborn hero who would once have been mine. If fare maiden had the honor of being less modern, then entwined would these two hearts be. But, hark, the least noblest of princes darkened thy childlike fantasy and now must become the last shepherd to joust for thine hand. Would he be taken by request or dost not thine hand partake?

(Sorry I didn’t put more into this. It was more for fun than anything.)

Tis a shame, this oblivious knight lacked the courage to joust for thine hand.  Well, then.  Some say he has already lost his bloody head. What was left to lose ?  NoT an arm, nor a leg, I’m not a true princess.

Your once in a lifetime angel?  She’s dead, but at least she still has her head attached and her heart of gold, ok, it’s more bronze now, but it’s tither it dwell in thine dead chest, not beating for anyone,  anything.ne’er again. Dead is dead after all.  Like you could care. Born without a heart, then losing your head.   Poor cripple.

That’s what SHE said.

I hate you more every day.



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