In & Out of Remission

I’ve been battling a deadly disease my whole life.  Against all odds, I have survived this beastial epidemic more times than I can count.


Society’s attempts on my life through bullying has not yet caused my suicide.  They keep trying. New cancer cells replace those I beat before.  Old cells return for another attempt.

Do not doubt the many times I have planned my suicide.  I’ve considered jumping in front of trains, overdose, drowning and slitting my throat via live video for those who are activists FOR my death.

You can’t kill this cancer.

Can it kill me?

If they keep trying me?

Try me and see?


I do, I do, and I do again.

But did you know of my bitterness? Deep within.

I forgive, not forget, ploys to do me in.

I’ll hate you more later than than I do now which is greater than then.

But still I know you’ll come back and try it again.



Pun so fucking intended.


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