Midnight Dress Up

Ok, 3:00 a.m., but we’re playing in a box from my friend’s granny’s attic (estate sale prep 😣). You ask me, 1930’s was so drab and dreary.  What is this color?  Maroon Over Lost Value for Life?  But the fabric and the jewels. 
Fabric, regardless the tawdry color, at least dumbed down from projectile vomit to more of a puked a bit in the back of my mouth shade of sheer, transparent, satiny… the hand-woven lace..  Well, could’ve found a more seasoned lace-weaver, whatever.  Sloppy work there.  But the buttons, one of which had fallen loose, strong, shiny, beautiful shade of taupe.  
I found the perfect thread to reattach, but what if I think it would look better on my sweater from last winter?  A much better match.  This thread so strong, unbreakable.
I know.  I never stoop to reading fashion mags.  But I do have great taste and, believe-it-or-not, I can sew. I need somewhere to wear these threads.  Perhaps Prince Charming will whisk me away to the ball. Nooo, I’d need the jewelry then.  Oh my.  What a gorgeous cameo.  



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