Welcome To My Jungle

Violent emotional outbursts should be expected. There will be rage, chaos, variations of the fuck word and shit like that.  Derogatory comments not accepted. 

When in Rome… 

I, however, strongly detest many words of sexual nature, biology or slang.  Comments containing them will be deleted and you may be blocked. 

My envelope may say I’m from The Big Easy, but I ain’t addressed to none o’ y’all.

When in Rome… 

Respect is a two-way street.  So is being a bitch.  I am a pro at both.

The second rule of my blog, this ain’t fight club.  If the rules of humanity aren’t clear enough, you’ll be flushed out to the bayou, but not until I whoop ya verbally.

So good of you all to come.  Please make yourselves comfortable.  Could I interest you in some sweet tea or a coke?  What kind of coke?  I have Dr Pepper, Diet Pepsi and Orange Crush. 


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